“In her time working as an illustrator on the Cracked book, Kitty displayed a great deal of talent and was extremely fun to work with. She created quality work in a number of different styles, and was extremely flexible and hard working. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a gifted and extremely professional illustrator.

– Jack O’Brien, Editor and Chief of Cracked.com

“Kitty is committed, passionate, and constantly strove to improve herself and the speed her delivery of projects she was assigned. Kitty is not one to sit back and let things come to her. If you are looking for someone who is not only a terrific artist, but tenacious, ambitious, extremely hard working, intelligent, and very perceptive, Kitty Brown is the woman you will want to hire.”

– Brian Siedlecki, Founder, TheArtGallerist.com

“Kitty Brown far surpassed my hopes and expectations in creating my company logo. She clearly understood the product’s personality as well as my own and her design succinctly communicates both. She’s got all the finely honed skills you could want in a professional designer. But, more than that, she has vision.”

Forest Nui Cobalt, Astrologer and Meditation Instructor

“Kitty is a creative thinker. I enjoy the concepts that she presents and the ideas she brings up. Kitty produces excellent work when left to her own creative juices, but I have also found it helpful that she is willing and able to work within guidelines or specs. If I could, I would hire Kitty and give her free and complete reign on a project from start to finish. I think the results would be amazing.”

– Julie Bonn Heath, Marketing Director, The Hannah Society

“Kitty has been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to continue working with Kitty in the future. She has provided excellent results based on our requests, and she is a very talented artist.”

– Erin Johnson, Children’s Book Author

“While I was Volunteer Event Co-Chair, Kitty Brown headed up a team for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at Orange Coast College in May of 2009. Their team painted the entire 24 hours of the Relay for Life of Cosa Mesa and produced a beautiful mural depicting the many moods of Relay. It was a spectacular presentation and they raised both funds and awareness of event. Her creativity, commitment and leadership abilities allowed her to be successful at this endeavor.”

– Robin O’Connor, Director and Chair, Costa Mesa Relay for Life

“As a person, Kitty is a strong, hold-nothing-back, forthright champion who takes challenges, tells the truth and confronts problems.As an artist, Kitty has a natural ability to compose with color and shape and value – she is a good designer, competent with digital media, makes the work look appealing, and is one of the most amazing, assertive and successful promoters I have met. She takes charge of how the world should perceive things, and the world responds.”

Marshall Vandruff, Illustrator and Educator