Graphic design is not something the average person thinks about, but it is something that everyone is influenced by on a daily basis. We interact with products made by graphic designers every single day. From the box of cereal to the street sign on your morning commute, graphic design shapes the world we live in. Design, branding and advertising also play a huge role in shaping our culture. These three things help us, as a society, determine what we consider to be “normal”. Design and branding helps determine what we buy, how often we buy it, and what we spend money on.

So, given that its is so important, let’s take a look at what goes into great design and branding.

Most branding starts with a solid logo design. A logo is so incredibly important, as it is the entire visual look of your brand and business. Its your logo’s job to speak for your company without using words, so a logo is all about communicating visually with consumers. This is why its so crucial that a logo capture the true spirit and message of your business and brand. A logo can make your business look big, or make it look grassroots and family run. A logo can make your company look time honored and trusted, or it can make your company look innovative and creative. A logo can make a start up look big or make a corporation look small and approachable. Again, its the visual communication of your brand, and it has a lot to say.

So what goes into making a great logo? Well, your logo should be something that can be easily recognized and stand out from the crowd. Think of all the biggest corporate brands out there like Nike, Coca Cola, Apple. What do they all have in common? Simple, iconic, and memorable logo designs. If you see the Apple logo, you know its the Apple logo without question. That is the beauty of great logo design, it sticks in your craw. It gets in there and you need only see the design of say the Nike logo to know “Oh, thats Nike! They make the best sports gear out there!” All that from a little logo.

Now, you may be wondering, how to get to a place like Nike where everyone knows what your brand is about. This is the golden nugget that will turn your brand and business from small time to global reach, consistency. Once you have a logo, make sure its on everything! You want it on your business cards, your brochures, your products, your promo materials, literally everything your business presents. Consistency creates confidence in the brand and confidence in the brand creates loyal customers. If a consumer is confident that your brand and your products deliver the same message and results time and time again, then you are well on your way to going from causal consumers to loyal customers. Logo recognition comes with consistency, and helps establish you and your business as a leader and top name in your field.

So now that you have a great logo designed and you know to create consistency, the secret to success is just making sure its placed somewhere on everything, right? WRONG! This is where good design comes in. You want your logo in the best possible place it can be seen. This is why hiring a skilled graphic designer is so important. A professional graphic designer can make sure your products, marketing materials, and advertisements are laid out in such a way that they have maximum impact and look fantastic too.

Graphic designers are in the business of making things look beautiful and pleasing to the eye. We know how to grab people’s attention and make them linger, rather than move onto the next shiny object. Graphic designers know how to make consumers look twice at your ads and marketing materials. We know where to put your logo so it gets associated with the product and where it won’t detract from the product’s name or function. We know the psychology of color, so we can help you choose the colors that will make the customer feel the way you want about your brand. We know what fonts will pair well with your logo and will tell the consumer a bit more about your brand.

Obviously different brands want to convey different feelings, emotions, and messages, and this can all be done through good design. Take for example an insurance company. They’re the kind of business that wants their branding to convey a sense of professionalism, security, and trustworthyness. A graphic designer will then advise the company to use colors like dark blues, which convey security and peace of mind. They’d also tell the client to use a strong, classic font to convey the idea that this company has been around and has experience behind them. Now, obviously these same things won’t work for a company that specializes in making toys for young kids. When marketing to children, you want things that really grab their attention. Subtlety is not something that should be in your designer’s vocabulary. Children’s products require lots of pop colors and whimsical fonts that appeal to young kids. Again, your visually communicating, like you did with your logo. So you want to make sure what your saying stays consistent.

Once you’ve got your logo, branded colors, and branded fonts sorted out, you are well on your way! So let’s quickly recap:

1) Logos are the visual look and feel of your brand and business. Its what visually communicates for your business.

2) A logo design should capture and reflect the spirit or message of your business, brand, and company. What do you stand for? What are you about? Let your logo design visually communicate that for you.

3) A great logo design is simple, iconic, and memorable.

4) To turn consumers into loyal customers, use your logo to create brand consistency and brand recognition.

5) Consistency extends to the colors you use, the fonts your choose, and must be harmonious throughout everything your business presents.

6) A professional graphic designer can create brandwide consistency and will know how to design ads, marketing materials, packaging, and other collateral that will be on message, get your business noticed, and make people look twice.

There you have it, folks. The straightforward, no nonsense way that good design and branding can add tremendous value to your business. I hope this has been informative and if any business out there need help with their design or branding, don’t hesitate to give this graphic designer a call.