To all those effected by the horrible events at Sandy Hook yesterday, you have my deepest sympathies. My heart breaks for you and I send you thoughts of light and love in this difficult time.

In the wake of this tragedy, everyone is talking about gun control and access to mental health care. Both of which, are super important pieces in solving our country’s violence problem.

However, I think its also super important that we build a more empathic, compassionate, and emotionally capable culture as well. I want to live in a culture that no longer sees kindness and empathy as “weakness” or a signal to exploit. I want to live in a culture where all people are able to express their emotions in a healthy way, freely and without judgement. Where we talk about how low we’re going instead of shooting people. A place where if you say you’re going low, others pull you up. A culture where its ok to cry and being stoic and bottling it all up is called out as being weird and unhealthy. I want to live in a culture where feelings aren’t swept under the rug because they’re inconvenient and “icky”. Where people don’t feel like they’re being a “burden” by reaching out to others when they’re hurt.

I’m still struggling to get there in my own life. Lord knows, I still have a problem crying in front of even my closest friends. But I’m working on it. I’m trying in both my own life to open up and making a huge effort to create that safe space for others to share their emotions with me. I strive constantly to be more compassionate and empathic to the hurt others feel. That’s about all I can do, that’s about all anyone can do. But if enough of us are trying, maybe we’ll get somewhere.

Just my thoughts. Love to all.